Importing projects built on Gradle with Android Studio

Although Android Studio still remains in beta is now ve…

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Although Android Studio still remains in beta is now very stable and  recently many developers are switching from Eclipse to Android Studio.

The reason for this post to it show how to import projects from Eclipse that are already built on Gradle. Although Gradle is already built in Android Studio, when we try to import a project from Eclipse it will ask for our Gradle plugin path and for some people that have been using Eclipse for long time might look for an option on the menu to import/add the plugin.

Do not try to point the path where Eclipse has is installed Gradle. Android Studio updates automatically all its plugins and it will cause problems. When adding a project build on Gradle a dialog will display. The path for the plugins is  where-gradle-is-installed/plugin/gradle.  If on a mac, just go from applications/android studio.

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If it throws an offset error (for some people error #698) do not try to change the version from the console. First update Android Studio and restart. For most cases it will fix the problem.