Flat Design Matching Tools

From personal experience I feel that all out of the sud…

From personal experience I feel that all out of the sudden all the smartphone producers, starting from Microsoft (from what I can recall) started moving towards flat design. Microsoft, Apple, Android fall into this trend focusing more in the content than in the objects that the screen contains…..OR at least is what they say.

Some people might like it some other might not, but the crude reality is that we developers have to adapt to this trend, at least for now. The fact that our apps have to fall into this category is a must.

That being said, we have to be extra careful when it comes to colours. We have to avoid gradients and use somehow light colours but at the same time letter colours that make it easy for the user to read. When I first dealt with this issue, for the first days I found myself playing with the palette and found it difficult to find the matches I wanted, or at least it was hard to find exactly the right color I had in mind. Photoshop, Sketch, among other tools were providing close colours to what I wanted.

For that, I made some research and tried to find some good tools that could allow me to find the perfect contrast I wanted in my apps. Yes, I know there are many sites out there mentioning some of these tools, but I am pretty sure there is a smaaall room out there in the internet for one more page with this information.

Just provide one hex value and it will provide 140 similar colours. So that if you have a hex value which is close to what you have in mind it can become quite handy. Simply one of my favourites.

It will provide different kind of tools. Palettes, Color Libraries, Color Picker and once you are done with the color you specifically want, then you can work with a color matching tool which is also included.

Quite fancy, it will change colours along the whole browser while you move the pointer around providing the hex value. It also provides a set of possible colours to work on. Monochrome, monochrome dark & fgray, monochrome dark & light, anagogic, etc. If you don’t get what I am writing, just have a look to the site.

For android I found SwatchMatic very interesting. If you find a colour in a pamphlet, magazine or in a different smartphone app, it will use your devices’s camera and provide the closest color to it. That is handful when you have a color you see but can’t seem to make it appear in your colour palettes

Just set a current RGB and will provide colours that will match for combining with the one provided.

Color Scheme Designer
Very simple but it does what it is supposed to do. Just enter a RGB value and it will display similar colours to combine with.